To: All riders attending Dirt Bike Demo Day at Calder Park Sunday 9th October 2016.

There has been a change of date to Sunday 16th October.

Information received from Husqvarna Australia.

We have had a major disruption to our scheduling for the Dirt Bike Demo Day at Calder Park on Sunday 9th October 2016.  Due to freight and shipping delays the new 2017 Husqvarna enduro models have been delayed and will not be available for our original demo day on the 9th October.

We have considered every option to us including running without Husqvarna, however the best option for all involved is to postpone the event at Calder Park one week later to Sunday 16th October 2016.

KTM, Beta and Sherco models have been kind enough to move dates and accommodate the change.

Even by postponing it we still have to drive to Sydney overnight and pick up the bikes 2 days before the event.
We understand there will be entrants affected by this re scheduling, but the weekend after is Moto GP/Speedway events and dealers would not be available.  Any later and it is cup weekend, Wildwood and A4DE etc.  We have no other choice but to make this date change.

If you cannot change event dates, please email us and we will organise a suitable arrangement.
There are no further demo days scheduled for 2016 after Sunday 16th October.

We apologise for this change, but when we announced the day Husqvarna models were scheduled to be here and circumstances have occurred outside of any person’s control that has forced the date change.

There will be very small changes to the 2017 Husqvarna range on the day and we will be in touch with those of riders who will be affected.  (FE 450 only).  We will attempt to facilitate every model in the enduro range however the depth of models may be reduced.  We still aim to deliver what was promised however you may have to wait a little longer on the day than first planned.  We will keep you informed before the event as to what Husqvarna’s will be available to test.  If there isn’t a suitable time for you to ride one of the Husqvarna’s we can offer a part refund on the day.

We understand that there may be disappointed people but as stated it is out of our control and has been disappointing news to us as well.  We ask that everyone can understand our situation and ask for your patience at sign in as we aim to still deliver a unique experience and test facility like no other.

We hope to see you on Sunday 16th October 2016 at Calder Park.