Frequently Asked Questions

What is it: 

A unique practice ride day where you can ride the very latest models from all the major manufacturers of the latest off road enduro bikes.  This is an experience typically restricted to media, not public.

What is the course:

We have made a 15 minute enduro course.  The course is free flowing and then finishing off with a grass track section.


Sunday 16th October 2016

What time: 

9.30 am to 3.00pm


Calder Park Main entrance Calder Park Raceway Calder Freeway Enter main entrance, follow ride day signs turn hard left back alongside Calder freeway and follow parking signs.

Who will be there:

12 different models of the latest 2017 off road enduro bikes from KTM, Husqvarna, and 9 models of 2016 enduro bikes from Sherco, and Beta.

I'm having trouble registering

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Who can go in it:

Any off road rider with an MA licence
Any off road rider with out and MA licence can obtain a day licence on the day.

How old do I need to be:

You must be 17 years or older. (senior MA licence holder of one day licence holder – pick up on the day)

How much will it cost:

It will cost each rider $100.00 to enter for a maximum of 5 rides of a bike on the course if you have MA licence. 
If you require a day licence that will be $100.00 entry fee and an extra $25.00 For MA the day licence.

What if I only want to test ride 2 or 3 bikes do I still pay the full $100.00

Yes you do.  Its $100.00 per rider and you can choose up to 5 bikes.  Any less it is still $100.00 per rider.

What if I injure myself and cannot ride all the times I have booked?

You have booked and entered for day.  You will not receive a refund for rides not carried through but you can pass them to a mate.

What time must I get there:

You must be on site at 9.30am for registration.  There will be a riders briefing for important information about the day and the conduct of the ride. Allow time to get changed into you riding gear, and sign indemnities and register

How much time should I allow between booked rides:

You can go straight from one to another as there will be a comfortable time to allow you to complete the 12 minute loop and get back for the next one.   Sales and technical staff from each manufacturer will be available through the day to discuss. It would be a good idea to space your rides out a bit but you can go one after the other.

What must I wear: 

Normal enduro, cross country gear, helmet, boots, protective pants, goggles, gloves etc.  We will have demonstration gear from Fox, Pod, Alpine stars available for you to trial during the day.

Is there any medical services:

We have engaged First responder para medics to attend on the day.

Am I insured: 

This is a Motorcycling Australia, (Victoria) permitted practice day Permit No.05318 All riders who register through our online payment system are covered by MA insurance as well as day licence holders. You are advised to take out your own accident insurance cover and ambulance cover as the MA insurance is limited.

Do I have to sign and indemnity?

Yes you must sign an indemnity for Motorcycling Australia.

What’s involved in rider registration:

You will present at the registration tent.  Have your drivers/motorcycle licence and your MA licence if you have one.  If you have not got a motorcycle license you must have some other form of photo identity e.g. Key pass, student card etc. We will take that as identification and security.  You will sign the  indemnities against the land holder and the event organisers.  You will be given a listing of your booked in ride times and bikes and then you are ready to ride.  At the completion of your rides you will come back to the registration tent and collect your licence and you have completed your day.

Is the course easy to ride:  

Yes it’s a free flowing course.  There are options if required.

How many rides can I sign up for:

Maximum of 5 rides.

Can I speak to a sales representative on the day:

Yes each bike manufacturer will have dealer sales and service staff to attend to your questions, bike set up and sales enquiry’s and transaction.

Will there be finance available:

Yes each bike manufacturer will have sales capabilities.

How do I enter:

Go to our website  home page, and follow the drop down link display of  “Register Now” and you will then go on to an easy registration process.  You will be given a user name and password.  Make sure you print out your registration form and retain those details and you can return to the site and edit your details and times requested etc.

How much time do I get on each bike:

We have allocated 15 minutes for each test run on each bike.  It will take you between 10 to 15 minutes to complete the enduro loop comfortably.  That will give an opportunity to take you time and test the bikes attributes.

What if I crash the bike and damage it:

You will be required to take full responsibility for the motorcycle whilst it is under your control, as you would your own or your mates motorcycle, whilst riding it on an easy marked out course.  If you damage the motorcycle to a serious level, you will be asked to make good the repairs.  Minor superficial scratches and lever breakages are accepted as part of enduro riding.

How do I get my bike and ride time allocation:

By going onto our unique booking system “Register Now” you will be able to identify the 15 minute time slots that are available to you on each particular motorcycle you would like to test ride.  You space out your ride times to suit yourself.

Do I have to book my ride or can I just rock up on the day and pay you:

All riders must be pre booked for the practice ride day.  All bookings must be made on our easy to operate pre booking online system.  We will not be accepting registration on the day or requests to pay on the day of the practice day 8th November 2015.  No exceptions.

What if it’s booked out when I enter and the bikes I want are already booked out:

There is nothing we can do to change this.  You can take a second choice or keep watching as the booking system is live and able to be managed and edited by each individual rider customer and some my pull-out or change bikes leaving a gap.  On the more popular motorcycles we have tried to get more than one unit.

Are there going to be any more manufacturers practice ride days like this one:

Yes we intend to promote this on a twice a year basis at when the new models come out at Pakenham and Calder Park in future.  We are looking at interstate venues.

Who is dirtbikedemodays: is RBP Promotions who is managed by Dave and Colin Robbins.  We introduced the enduro-x events to Australia and are continuing to support the motorcycling industry in manufacturers, importers, riders and technical and service industries associated with off road motorcycling.

Will I get my money back if I’ve paid and I don’t turn up on the day:

No refunds will be given.

Can I purchase food and drinks on the day:

Yes the Koo Wee Rup Motorcycle club who manage the land will have a food shop going all day from Breakfast to lunch.  All food and drink items can be purchased at reasonable prices